Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a parent wishing to create a Mindzit account for your children, please go to the "Try it for Free"-->"Register For Free". Then login with your google account. This will be your login ID, It prompts you to add your child login details to complete registration.

Mindzit is online portal and it requires a login for child and parent separately. It prompts you to register both at one time. You can add additional children if needed. Once registered you get free full access for some time. Later you can subscribe to get full access to all questions

Our subscription model is for the duration of time. Once you subscribe, you will get full access to questions of all classes for the subscribed child during the entire subscription period. This is to provide an avenue for child to practice more next level if the child is done with his current challenge. In case if he wants to revise previous years topics to strengthen basics, he can revisit previous classes as well.

As a parent you can access detailed results at any time online. Most parents choose to receive the weekly progress report which is sent to your email every week. To do this, just login to the Parents Area, select your settings and check the Weekly Reports option. There is also the facility within the Parents Area to view detailed reports at any time.

Its Easy

  • Every child can pick specific topics and sub-topics with an unlimited number of questions to practice from.
  • Mindzit's unique intellimeter assesses the child's progress and proficiency.
  • The child is rewarded with incentives of fun and pride on-par with the Proficiency accomplished.